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WATCH: The Ladies of The Bold and the Beautiful "Don't Rush" to Get Glammed Up

The Bold and the Beautiful

The women of The Bold and the Beautiful are showing they're ready for anything thrown their way. The CBS daytime divas are the latest to take up the #DontRushChallenge. What is it exactly? The act features participants at the start of the video going from their natural looks, then using a brush, or in B&B's case a makeup brush, as a magic wand to show them glammed up.

Once the person is finished with the well-sequenced and edited video, the brush is used as a baton and thrown to the next person to do the same. This is all set to the backdrop of duo Young T & Bugsey's song Don't Rush.

The video was first created by 20 year old college student Toluwalase Asolo to pass the time with her friends during her coronavirus self-quarantine and social distancing from others.

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The viral sensation has taken off and showcases anyone from doctors, moms, dads, and flight attendants, just to name a few, taking part in the challenge. Now the B&B women have decided to take their turn to do the same. Watch the women below.