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WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Debuts New Single on Today Show

Kelly Clarkson isn't letting COVID-19 dampen her music career. She debuted her new single, "I Dare You," on Today on April 16. Five other singers' renditions of the track are also available: in French, Hebrew, German, Arabic, and Spanish (take a listen to the global mix below).

Clarkson shared:

I grew up singing opera night... I grew up singing different languages - like German, French, Italian, Spanish, that kind of stuff, and Latin - but I always had the idea to do this with a project in my career but I never really had the song I felt fit with it, nor did I have the team that really would back it, the idea. The message was perfect. I thought it was kind of globally connecting and I wanted to do that musically and then all this happened and we became extremely connected globally.

Watch the clip below.