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Perkie's Observations: Sasha Makes Chase An Offer He Can't Refuse on General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson

Sofia Mattsson

Anna, Peter, and Maxie clean up after the birthday party.

Robert catches Spinelli breaking into Maxie's place and figures he's looking for dirt on Peter. He wants to know what Spinelli has discovered so far. Spinelli says he's worried about Georgie and wants them to join forces. Robert says he could arrest Spinelli for breaking and entering, but Spinelli points out Robert was there as well. Robert says Spinelli is a loose cannon and if they work together, he's in charge. 

Ava questions whether Nikolas planted the snake in her purse. Charlotte overhears and snarks out Nikolas for the secret bodyguard issue. Nikolas apologizes, but points out they are still family. Valentin arrives and sends Charlotte over to her mother. Valentin warns the Cassadines to stay away from his daughter. 

Lulu questions her mother about her meeting with Valentin. Laura says she's the one who intercepted the text to Lulu. Laura says Valentin wants what's best for Charlotte and despite his flaws, he is devoted to her. 

Lulu tells Valentin about the snake in Ava's purse. Valentin asks Charlotte about the snake and tells her he knows she bought something from a reptile store. Charlotte claims it was for a school project, but Valentin knows she's lying. Charlotte blames Ava for losing Wyndemere and her family 

Lulu tears a strip off of Nikolas because he never apologized to Charlotte. She says Nikolas is no better than Valentin. Ava warns Lulu to back off. When they are alone, Ava tells Nikolas she wants to have a party at Wyndemere for family and friends to unveil her portrait, but Nikolas doesn't believe anyone will care. 

Chase tells Willow she needs to make a decision. Willow worries that Nelle's past will end up messing up Wiley. Willow believes Michael can beat Nelle without her. 

Michael tells Carly he needs to show the judge that he's the better parent. Carly says his chances will be better with Willow at his side. She says Willow is nurturing and kind, but Michael says Willow won't turn her back on Chase. 

Sasha meets up with Chase and the two agree they need to do what it takes to get Willow and Michael to marry. 

Jason tells Sonny they may need to negotiate with Cyrus. Sonny says he'd rather avoid a war, but will take down Cyrus if needed. He tells Jason to set up a meeting. 

Carly updates Sonny on the custody hearing. She explains how she wants Michael to marry Willow to better his chances at winning. Carly says Nelle can't be trusted and she could end up with joint custody.
Sonny gets a call from Turning Woods that Mike had a seizure and another fall.

Robert gets a call and heads to Anna's to tell her that Holly is dead. (I don't believe it. I think Peter is setting up a distraction to get Robert out of town for awhile.)

Willow gets home to find Sasha and Chase making out on the couch. (Willow is smarter than that. She should immediately roll her eyes and tell them to knock it off. Won't happen, but that's what should happen.)