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Maurice Benard Talks On-Screen and Off-Screen Tensions on General Hospital

Maurice Benard (Sonny, General Hospital) is leaving no stones unturned in his new memoir. In a candid chat with Soap Opera Digest, the actor confesses that it's not always easy playing the Dimpled Don and some of the moments he's not as proud of.

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Benard shared that the Alzheimer's storyline with his on-screen dad proved challenging:

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I gotta be honest with you, you know, it’s funny because lately, for a while there I was kind of, not phoniing [sic] it in, but just kind of doing what I do. I think more so the Alzheimer’s story, I don’t feel as much Sonny as I do Maurice. It’s just hard maybe, and emotional, but it’s not as fun, let’s say. But I decided, in the last two or three months, to go back to playing Sonny like the Sonny that I used to play, and I changed the energy. 

Benard also opened up about some towards then-costar Tamara Braun (ex-Carly):

Digest: You also described a period of time on the show when Tamara Braun was playing Carly where you were very unhappy with the storyline and it sort of bled over into what you described as maybe kind of bullying behavior toward Tamara on your part. Why did you decide that this was important for you to admit to and address in the book?

Benard: Well, because I don’t feel great about it. It was part of my life that was very, very difficult in different ways. I thought the audience would like to get little tidbits and it would be cool for that, but I also don’t feel great about it. I already talked to Tamara about it so it’s not like it’s a secret. But a lot of what I was doing came from… I don’t know if I want to say ego or not getting what I want and just being a baby.

SOD is on sale now.