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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Valentin Reach an Understanding on General Hospital

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Laura Spencer, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart, Genie Francis

Sasha stops kissing Chase and runs into the back room. Willow is shocked and confused (as are most of the viewing audience at how horrible this story is). Chase accuses Willow of being totally focused on Wiley and she can't let it go. Willow can't believe this would make Chase turn to sex with Sasha. Chase claims they have a lot in common and are always on the outside. Willow thinks Chase should have given them a fighting chance and can't believe that it's over now.

Sonny heads to Turning Woods and tells Jason to cancel the meeting with Cyrus. This does not sit well with Carly. She thinks the meeting is important and Jason should handle it. Jason doesn't think Sonny would appreciate it, even if he did. 

Valentin tries to explain to Charlotte that Ava is not his enemy. Charlotte doesn't believe him and admits she saw him throw Ava from the parapet. (Funny how I've been complaining about the flashbacks, and yet, I felt like they could have used one here, re-showing Valentin throwing Ava over and Charlotte walking up at that moment. Many of us thought at the time that Charlotte had seen it happen.)

Charlotte blames Ava, Nikolas, and Sasha for ousting them from Wyndemere. She also blames Lulu, and believes Valentin will find a way to get Nina and Wyndemere back. Valentin realizes he has a little sociopath in the making. 

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Michael admits to Josslyn he wishes he could put off the hearing. He explains how Diane feels he should be married to the right person. Joss agrees that Willow is a good candidate, but Michael says she's not on board since she's in love with Chase.

Cyrus stops by Charlie's Pub to introduce himself to Julian and ask for collaboration. Julian's not interested. Cyrus gets a call from Jason, telling him the meeting with Sonny is cancelled, which does not sit well with Cyrus. 

Laura tells Lulu she needs to practice tolerance and accept Valentin as part of Charlotte's life. Lulu's not happy with Valentin and says he indulges all of Charlotte's impulses. Lulu says she has to protect Charlotte. Laura says Lulu can't rip Charlotte away from her father and says Valentin appears to have changed. She adds that Charlotte doesn't seem to have acclimated to losing time with her father. Lulu thinks Valentin is willing to say anything to get his way.

Valentin tells Laura that Charlotte will need her because she's a steady force. He says he can't teach Charlotte to be good and Laura needs to instill that in her. Valentin tells Laura he won't contest Lulu's claim to full custody. (Sure Val, overindulge your child for years, turning her into a sociopath in the making, then when shit gets real, dump her on her grandmother.) Charlotte complains to Lulu that she's always lying about her feelings for Valentin. Lulu says both of them love Charlotte, but Charlotte says pretending doesn't help. 

Sonny runs into Brook Lynn on her way to see Mike. The doctor tells Sonny that Mike had a seizure while sitting in his chair, then fell. He says there was no permanent damage. Sonny wants tests done, but the doctor feels Mike will be upset by them and they won't help. Sonny and Brook Lynn sit with Mike, who wakes up long enough to ask Sonny if it's over. Sonny pretends it's about the movie that Mike missed out on, though Brook Lynn wonders if it means more.