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Perkie's Observations: Liz Spots Trouble With Mike and Advises Sonny on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Willow finds Michael and tells him that she caught Chase and Sasha half naked on the couch. Michael is shocked and confused. (You know, the normal expression we normally see on his face.) Michael remembers how surprised Sasha was when the truth about Wiley came out and how she didn't want to become an instant mom. Michael admits he hasn't been paying attention. Willow says Chase and Sasha were trying to be supportive, but became onlookers and turned to each other. Michael feels there was a better way to handle things. 

Sasha tells Chase it's not too late to tell the truth, but he feels Michael and Willow will be happier with Wiley. Chase remembers how he and Willow first met, and says her heart has always been with Wiley. Chase says he's loved Willow from the first moment, but that he needs to let her go. 

Sasha is certain Michael and Willow will get married because Wiley needs it. She also predicts Willow will fall in love with Michael within two years. Chase asks if she has any regrets. Sasha says she doesn't, but admits she'll miss Michael. 

Elizabeth spends some time with Mike at Turning Woods and notices he's having problems drinking. She mentions it to Sonny, who agrees that Mike has been unresponsive. Liz says Mike's body is having trouble understanding how to work and Sonny should look into palliative care. Liz also mentions that Mike does not have a DNR in place and needs one. Later, Sonny tries to get Mike to eat some of Olivia's meatballs. Mike admits they smell like home and accepts a small bite. 

Nelle talks to Nina about her lack of a childhood home and how she's determined to make sure that Wiley has a good one. Nina advises that if given the chance, Nelle should meet Michael in the middle. Nelle says she wants to co-parent, but Michael refuses. 

Diane facilitates a make-up meeting between Alexis and Sam. Sam apologizes for the things she said to her mother at the bar. Alexis admits she had a drink, but says it wasn't because of Sam. Alexis tells them she and Neil slept together and she perjured herself at the hearing. Alexis explains that Britt saw them together in New York and told Julian, who then attacked Neil at the hospital. She thinks everyone overheard, though no one from the review board has contacted them. Sam offers to take Alexis to a meeting. 

Willow runs into Nina and reminds her that Nina said she was getting too close to Wiley. Willow tells Nina that Chase and Sasha are having an affair, which Nelle overhears. 

Michael shows up at Chase's apartment and demands to know how long the affair has been going on. Sasha claims they were feeling shut out, but never wanted to hurt Michael. Sasha runs out. Michael doesn't understand how Chase could do this to Willow. He says Willow deserved better and Chase destroyed her.