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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Worries About TJ's Safety on General Hospital

Donnell Turner, Briana Nicole Henry

Donnell Turner, Briana Nicole Henry

(There were 567 flashbacks today, including two very long ones, with Sonny remembering Mike and Jason remembering JaSam. All very unnecessary, especially the JaSam ones. Also, the Corinthi living room got a facelift and much like the Q mansion, stairs and doors are in different places. The ABC unused closet door swung open, briefly releasing Mac, Felix, Kristina, TJ and Molly.)

Carly's not amused when Cyrus stops by the Metro Court, but it turns out he's there to be interviewed by Lulu for The Invader. Cyrus tells Lulu he was wrongfully convicted and is planning a fresh start in Port Charles. He claims he's an investor and above board. Lulu asks about the DEA, but Cyrus says they invented the charges against him. Laura comes across them and is not amused. Cyrus says he's happy to be a new citizen and offers a contribution to her re-election campaign. 

Mac tells Jordan he's going to question TJ further about any other details from the abduction. Jordan tells Curtis she hopes TJ doesn't remember anything for fear of risking his life. Jordan thinks she should tell the Feds the truth, but Curtis says there is no evidence that Cyrus was behind TJ's abduction. Jordan thinks Harmony could help, but Curtis tells her Cyrus will simply kill her. 

Molly finds TJ back at work, but still recovering from the attack. Mac stops by to ask TJ follow up questions. TJ mentions he was upset, took a walk, and was grabbed from behind. TJ says he heard a train whistle when he was in the van, then woke up in the basement. 

Sam pays Kristina a visit at the pub. Kristina says Julian gave her a raise, but Sam tells her it's because he feels guilty for what he did to Alexis.

Brando runs into and introduces himself to the Davis women. When introduced to Sam, he mentions her heroism in saving Dev from the cult. Brando makes a few nasty comments about cults and the idiots who join them, which has Kristina leaving the room.

Sam tells Brando that Kristina was part of the cult and it took awhile to get her out. She tells him to keep his opinion to himself next time. When Kristina returns, Brando apologizes to her and offers her a discount on car repairs. Molly spots them talking through the window. When Brando leaves, Molly confronts him. 

Neil and Alexis meet for lunch. It turns out the review board found out about them and revoked his license. (Apparently that happened while we were watching Willow and Michael become morons.) Alexis is hoping they can be seen in public like normal people now. 

Alexis mentions making up with Sam, and swears to Neil that Sam isn't the reason she took that drink. Neil blames himself. 

Carly tells Sonny that Cyrus was at the hotel being interviewed. Sonny updates her on Mike's condition and how there is nothing he can do. Sonny mentions Liz's suggestion for a DNR and palliative care. Jason and Carly agree with Liz. Carly asks what Mike wants, but since this whole story is about Sonny and his man pain, it doesn't matter what Mike wants.