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The Young and the Restless' Lauralee Bell, Doug Davidson Dive into #FlashbackFriday

Lauralee Bell, Doug Davidson

Lauralee Bell, Doug Davidson

As The Young and the Restless takes a stroll down Memory Lane for #FlashbackFriday, they show will broadcast Christine (Lauralee Bell) and Paul (Doug Davidson)'s 1996 honeymoon in Nevis. Meanwhile, their nemesis, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), works to wreak havoc in paradise. The actors spoke to TV Insider about filming this story arc and how Y&R's storytelling has changed over the years.

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Bell recalled how an accident on set nearly led to a quirkier storyline:

One thing that happened she had nothing to do with was when Paul and Christine were set to do a romantic ride along the beach on horses. My horse bucked me and I did a full flip in front of it! It ran away and turned around as if to charge at me. Then, it headed to the water. The handlers believed it was a bee sting that cause the horse to react that way.

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I got checked out at a doctor’s and as the doctor is saying ‘Follow me with your eyes’ to make sure I didn’t have a concussion, I’m saying, ‘Let’s use the footage and say it was Phyllis!’ But the footage was too far away and blurry. Also, I remember wearing these crazy glasses!

She added that she appreciates soap both then and now, reflecting on the pacing:

The whole episode was fun to see. People say it’s a slower-paced, but it’s more introspective. I think people are also going to enjoy the Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)-centric episodes next week. People still want to escape if they’re sitting at home. Any show that will provide the fantasy will be welcome.

Davidson agreed:

 It was a three or four-year build. Bill [Bell, Y&R’s co-creator, head writer, and senior executive producer] was a master at building to a climax like the honeymoon and from there it would break off into three or four different stories. Characters would go onto different rivers of their own. There wasn’t really a let down after a climax. It was like going to a different altitude.