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Stacy Haiduk Explains Kristen's Vicious Vengeance vs. Victor on Days of Our Lives

Stacy Haiduk

Stacy Haiduk (Kristen, Days of Our Lives) is knee-deep in a baby switch storyline on DAYS. After Kristen Blake DiMera discovered that Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) switched her baby girl (since kidnapped by Sarah Horton [Linsey Godfrey] at birth, she took her stabbing the criminal patriarch! Haiduk delved into the juicy plot in a chat with TV Insider.

Haiduk shared:

When you really look at it from Kristen’s point of view, this is something she felt she had to do. Stabbing Victor is like stabbing all the pain that she’s gone through – not just over this past year, but over the course of her life. As much as in real-life I would say no to doing this, this is a soap opera. It’s Shakespeare. It’s Medea. You have to go to that dramatic place. This is a mother who has lost her child.

The actress has enjoyed playing this meaty storyline, explaining:

My heart breaks for Kristen – she’s finally gotten what she’s always wanted, [her baby] along with Brady (Eric Martsolf). She’s spent the last year going through so much – from not being able to understand what had happened to finding out her baby is alive. It’s like she doesn’t know how to feel anymore.

She added:

I had a lot of angst about her stabbing Victor, but it’s my job as an actress to take what’s written for me and play it to the best of my ability. I had to find a way. Fans have said, ‘Victor never goes to prison or pays for what he’s done!’ So, this revenge is perfect.