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Christel Khalil Does a Deep Dive into Her Return to The Young and the Restless

Christel Khalil

Since moving to Canada in 2019, fan favorite Christel Khalil hasn't been seen as much on The Young and the Restless. But recent storylines have featured her character, Lily Winters Ashby, teaming up with former flame Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) at Chancellor Industries. Viewers are wondering: Is Christel back for good? 

She explained to Soap Opera Digest:

I happened to run into [head writer] Josh [Griffith] in the hallway at Y&R shortly after New Year’s Day and he was like, ‘I have this really exciting storyline, I think you’ll love it.' I was really excited. It’s like home there, so it was nice to even be thought of for a new storyline.

She made sure to discuss a potential move with her boyfriend, Sam Restagno. The two plan to move back to Los Angeles with her son, Caden, this summer, assuming COVID-19 lockdown allows. 

And Khalil is loving seeing Lily running the show with Billy. She added:

I was really excited. I mean, this is better just because Lily is the one calling the shots rather than following other people or being an employee. She is now the employer. It’s really cool.

The latest issue of SOD is on sale now.