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Perkie's Observations: Molly's Loose Lips Come Back to Bite Her on General Hospital

Haley Pullos

Haley Pullos

(*Apologies to everyone. There was no recap for yesterday's episode, but we were given a repeat due to COVID updates in Canada. I did manage to get the episode online this morning, so this recap will actually have a brief recap of yesterday, then the full recap of today.)

Molly tells Kristina and Sam she slept with Brando when she thought TJ had dumped her. Alexis gets a call. The law review board wants to discuss some things with her.

Cyrus tosses a veiled threat to Laura, which worries both her and Lulu. Lulu gets a call from Diane that Valentin is not fighting the petition for full custody.

Mac gets more information from TJ. He lets Jordan know he's getting closer to finding out who grabbed TJ. Jordan and Curtis worry about the ramifications. TJ heads to Brando's to pick up Molly's car.

Cyrus and his goon meet with Sonny and Jason on the docks. They have a d*ck measuring contest and we all know who comes up short on that one! Sonny doesn't want a war. Cyrus doesn't want to leave empty handed and has a counter offer. He claims he just wants the opportunity to have a home in PC. Sonny refuses to allow Cyrus to conduct business through his territory. Cyrus agrees to the terms.

Alexis runs into Valentin, who tells her he's not challenging Lulu's petition for sole custody. Alexis is surprised, but Valentin says Charlotte needs stability. He just needs to find the strength to walk away. Alexis tells him about possibly losing her law license. 

Charlotte eavesdrops as Lulu and Laura discuss Valentin and his intentions. Lulu doesn't believe he's willing to back down, though Laura feels he's doing it for Charlotte. Laura says Valentin is putting Charlotte's needs ahead of his own, but Lulu's not buying it. Laura wonders how to tell Charlotte. 

Nina tells Jax that Sasha cheated on Michael, which surprises him. He thought Michael and Sasha were crazy about each other, but Nina says Sasha is a weak opportunist. The two share a kiss. Charlotte shows up, telling Jax to back off. She wants Nina and Valentin to get back together. Nina calls Valentin.

Charlotte tearfully tells Valentin he doesn't love her anymore because she overheard Lulu and Laura talking. Valentin says she needs to learn the difference between right and wrong, which she can't get from him. Charlotte wants him to take her away.

Molly swears she had just one night with Brando, and she's still in love and planning a future with TJ. Sam understands and offers to pick up her car so Molly doesn't have to see Brando again. Molly tells Kristina she needs to confess everything to TJ. 

Chase tells Finn he cheated on Willow with Sasha. He explains that Willow was more ready for a family than he was. He tells Finn how Willow's been hanging out with Wiley and Michael more often. Chase says he got closer with Sasha and Willow caught them together. Finn doesn't a believe a word and pushes back. Chase admits he's lying so Willow will marry Michael. 

Sam shows up at the garage as TJ and Brando are finishing up their business. After TJ leaves, Sam gets all up in Brando's face about Molly. Brando says he had no idea Molly had a boyfriend. Sam warns Brando to stay away from her sister. 

Cyrus tells his minion he's not going to play by Sonny's rules and he needs to get rid of Jason.

Sonny tells Jason he's biding his time until he takes out Cyrus.