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WATCH: Reporter Will Reeve Forgets a Key Article of Clothing on Good Morning America

Good Morning America viewers got an eyeful on April 28 when correspondent Will Reeve joined the remote broadcast from home. Going business on top and casual on the bottom, Reeve appeared to have neglected to wear pants - and eagle-eyed fans got the  full view of his short shorts instead.

Watch the pantless moment below.

The son of late Superman actor Christopher Reeve, Reeve surely had no clue that the audience could see his lower half, but he took the Internet's light-hearted ribbing in good stride. His adorable apology on the iPhone's Notes app appeared on his Twitter:

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 On April 29, he returned to GMA for a segment on "work from home etiquette." He joked:

A headline reminder for anyone who’s using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, anything with a camera: make sure you frame your shot. Yup, that’s me, busted, wearing shorts on ‘GMA,’ my casual bottom half going viral.

Watch the post-pants clip below.