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Bradley Whitford Remembers All My Children Co-Star David Canary

Who says you can't learn anything from soaps? Emmy Award-winning actor Bradley Whitford is proof you can use the genre to grow and cultivate your abilities. Whitford revealed how he was mesmerized by the late All My Children actor David Canary (Adam/Stuart)'s talent. 

Whitford got his start on the cancelled sudser alongside his old college pal Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC; Martin, General Hospital) but revealed to how watching Canary in action inspired him: So being on a soap was something you were already open to?

Whitford: When you’re coming out of acting school, you’re kind of a snob about doing any television – which is hilarious. But certainly about doing a soap. But then I was so blown away by David Canary’s talent. What do you remember about that?

Whitford: Well, when you get to do a TV show for the first time, it’s your first chance to really act. Once a TV show is up and running, and has an audience, you’re not worried if it’s going to fundamentally work – and there’s a relaxation that happens. That relaxation can make you lazy, or it can be an opportunity to hone some extraordinary skills. That’s what I saw on that show, and with David Canary. I was struck and inspired by him, because he had such an extraordinary role.