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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Mediates Common Ground Between Valentin and Charlotte on General Hospital

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Lulu Spencer, General Hospital

Emme Rylan, Scarlett Fernandez

Chase explains to Finn that Michael and Nelle are on equal footing, and marrying Willow would be perfect for Michael. He feels Wiley needs protection and Willow will follow her heart to the child. Finn says Chase's intentions are honorable, but he's making a huge mistake. 

Chase says it had to be done because Wiley needs Willow. Finn says he can't make decisions for her. He wants Chase to come clean and save his relationship. Finn tells him to find Willow and fix things before it gets worse.

Lulu comes to Crimson to pick up Charlotte. Nina asks her to give Valentin a chance to fix things. Lulu says Valentin won't fight the petition, but she doesn't trust him. 

Charlotte wants to run away alone with Valentin. He says they can't, but promises to always love her. Charlotte doesn't understand why he's not fighting for her.

Lulu talks to Charlotte alone. Charlotte admits she overheard Lulu and Laura talking. She says she misses her father. 

Nina questions why Valentin is not fighting for Charlotte. She never thought he would give up, but Valentin says he's a bad influence on his daughter. Nina tells him to fight for Charlotte and stay in her life. Nina tells him to be a better man so he can be a positive influence. 

Lulu and Valentin talk alone, then tell Charlotte she can see Valentin. (Good to know all you need to do is run away from home a couple times, cry a bunch, and you'll get your way.)

Sasha calls Michael to let him know she's moved out of the Quartermaine mansion. Carly hears Michael's end of the conversation, so he tells her what happened. Carly's surprised, but Michael says Sasha wasn't ready for the instant family. Carly reassures him he'll find the right woman. 

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Nelle runs into Willow and apologizes to her for being rude when they were at Crimson. She knows that Chase broke Willow's heart, and calls him a liar and a user. Willow believes Nelle is trying to manipulate her and walks off. 

Molly wants to tell TJ about Brando because their relationship is built on honesty, but Kristina thinks she just wants to make herself feel better. Kristina says Molly will be risking things at TJ's expense. Kristina questions why Molly slept with Brando that night. Molly says she was angry that TJ ghosted her and it felt good. Kristina says there is no reason to tell TJ. 

TJ asks Kristina about Molly, saying she seems shaky. Kristina says Molly was heartbroken when she thought they had broken up. She tells TJ to put this in their past and move forward.

Sam demands that Brando stay away from Molly and wants his assurances. (I want Sam to shut her pie hole.) Brando says Molly can fight her own battles and it's not Sam's business. Sam says she'll always protect her sister and brings up the fact that Brando's an ex-con. (I remind the hypocrite that she's out on parole right now, dating, or at least, doing anything illegal to date a criminal who works for a criminal. Girl needs to zip it and stop yelling at the nice man. Yikes, I've never really hated Sam, but lately...)

Brando tells her again to mind her own business and he's not here to cause trouble. He says he's here to cover for Dev on Sonny's orders. Sam wants to know what he gets out of it and doesn't believe he has no ulterior motive. 

Molly heads to the garage as Sam is leaving and tells Brando she won't be telling TJ the truth. She said she made her own choices that night and Brando didn't take advantage of her. Brando promises not to say anything. Molly swears it won't happen again. (Hmmm, methinks the lady doth protest too much!)

Nelle runs into Sasha and warns her that Carly will strike her down for cheating on Michael. Nelle says her lawyer will be contacting Sasha to be a character witness against Michael. 

Carly shows up, ready to blame Sasha for poor widdle Michael's heartbreak.

Nelle comes across Michael and offers to listen if he wants to talk about it. 

Willow shows up at Chase's to get her stuff.