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Perkie's Observations: Bang Bang . . . Michael Shoots Down Nelle's Offer on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Chad Duell, Chloe Lanier

Willow says she's there to pick up the rest of her stuff. Chase tries to apologize, but she's not ready to listen. After she leaves, Chase sits alone, on the floor, in the dark, and my Chillow-loving heart breaks into a million pieces. (Why can't I have nice things when it comes to this show?)

Nelle tells Michael she heard about what happened with Sasha. Nelle says she's willing to compromise and strike a deal. Nelle wants full custody of Wiley and in exchange, she'll drop the lawsuit against Michael's grandmothers. Michael gets angry and says it won't happen, adding he doesn't trust Nelle with Wiley. Nelle warns him he'll be sorry.

Carly demands to know why Sasha cheated on Michael. Sasha claims things were moving too fast and she didn't want an instant family. Carly catches on. She knows Sasha is lying and wants Michael to think she slept with Chase. Carly admires Sasha for sacrificing her own happiness. 

Sonny summons Josslyn, Dev, and Brando to tell them the dangerous situation has been addressed and they're no longer on lockdown. He tells the kids they can go back to school and tells Brando he can go back to Chicago.

Brando is relieved the danger is over, but decides he wants to stay in Port Charles. He wants Sonny's permission to keep the garage running. Sonny says the decision is Brando's and he's welcome to stay. (Also, Brando has to stick around so that in 8 weeks, when Molly starts to feel nauseous we can all worry what will happen. You know they're going to do a who's the daddy even though super feminist Molly would be the last person not to use birth control in the 21st century.)

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Trina runs into Cameron at the hospital and complains they barely see each other anymore. She believes Cameron has been avoiding her because of the kiss and they need to discuss it. Trina blames the kiss on PTSD and promises Cameron that nothing has changed between them. She tells Cameron she doesn't want him to blow his chances with Joss. Cameron assures Trina he thinks of Joss only as a friend, just as Joss and Dev show up. They mention how they are no longer on house arrest and the four head off together. 

Julian's not happy when Brook Lynn shows up at the pub and wants to throw her out. He brings up how she blackmailed him into helping her with her music producer. Brook Lynn accuses him (again) of knowing about Wiley's paternity and trying to kill Brad with the car. Julian again denies it and Brook Lynn threatens to tell Sonny . . . again. (Dear writers, we've seen this scene play out 7 times already. Move on.) Julian again reminds Brook Lynn that Sonny will have him killed and his death will be on her conscience. Brook Lynn agrees not to tell Sonny about any of her suspicions. Dustin shows up to help Brook Lynn write a song for the Nurse's Ball. 

Portia tells Liz she wants to head up the internal medicine department and asks if she'd be stepping on anyone's toes. Liz says Portia has earned the nurse's respect (in the 7 minutes that she's been in town) and tells her to go for it. 

Nelle runs to Carly to tell her about her confrontation with Michael. She says Michael was abusive to her and she'll tell her lawyer. Nelle claims she was willing to compromise, but now the court will hear all about this. Carly doesn't seem concerned, which annoys Nelle. Carly says she has a good feeling Michael will win. 

Sasha stops in to check up on Chase. He's upset over a future that will never come true. Sasha tells him how Carly figured it out and is supportive of their decision. Chase claims they're doing the right thing.

Willow finds Michael angrily beating on a tree in the park. He tells her about his run in with Nelle and how he reacted badly. Willow's glad he yelled at Nelle and blames Nelle for everything that happened with Chase. Willow worries about Wiley and what Nelle will do to him. Michael declares he won't let Nelle near his son.