WATCH: General Hospital's Risa Dorken Shares Struggle with Bipolar Disorder

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Risa Dorken

General Hospital's Risa Dorken (Nurse Amy Driscoll) is opening up about her mental health struggles. She recently revealed she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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In a video shared to Instagram, she shared some of the challenges she's faced in recent years:

In February 2020 I was restrained and put under two involuntary holds. The first one was 72 hours and the second one was for 48 hours. Both a week apart and both I was let out two hours shy for ‘good behavior’ even though I was not stable or better.

She wants to use her platform to help others in their own struggles, admitting:

I am sharing my experience because as I continue to get in touch with reality and find my way back to myself, back to Risa, I feel helpless. I feel alone. I am now taking a drug I’ve never taken before after a life-changing experience I’ve never experienced with a mental illness I didn’t know I had.

Watch the moving video below: