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WATCH: Melrose Place Cast Reunites and Discusses a Reboot

Melrose Place

While reuniting remotely to benefit The Actors Fund's COVID-19 relief efforts, the cast of the original Melrose Place reflected on the iconic show. They also sparked rumors of a reboot...of the original cast (not that MP 2.0 stuff).

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Some intriguing insights include how much the core group hated filming in the apartment complex's iconic pool. Doug Savant (ex-Matt) even called it a "Petri dish." 

Grant Show (ex-Jake) also reflected on his storyline opposite Jenni Garth (ex-Kelly):

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I thought it was a little creepy. She was a little too young for him. That’s how I felt about it. I don’t think it would fly nowadays.

And what about a reunion? Heather Locklear (ex-Amanda)'s game, saying:

It would be fun to play Amanda again.

Watch the full reunion below.