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WATCH: Ray J Faces Off with Wendy Williams, Who Asks, "Ray J, What is Your Problem?"

Round two of Ray J vsWendy Williams vs. has begun. On her remote talk show, Wendy @ Home, Williams got honest with how she feels the singer has been acting in his marriage to Princess Love.

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Williams asked how the "long-suffering" Princess was faring, to which Ray J - quarantined in a hotel - replied that she was "the best mother in the world." Williams fired back:

You haven’t been the best husband, Ray J.

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The Raycon founder admitted:

You know, God is good. We’ll all get better. I can do better. I could definitely do better and I will do better. And I’m working towards making sure that the kids know that we love each other and love them more than anything.

Williams then quipped:

Yeah, you can convince the kids but us as adults who watch you, I mean you discussed your problems on TV, and Ray J, I don’t even like that I love you. Ray J, what is your problem?

What was his reply? Find out by watching the clip below.