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WATCH: Debbi Morgan Tearfully Talks About Black Communities Ravaged by COVID-19

Debbi Morgan

Debbi Morgan is not mincing words when it comes to the impact the coronavirus has inflicted on the Black community. While shopping for essential items on May 1, the legendary actress posted a video on Instagram where she emotionally discussed how the pandemic caused so much devastation for Blacks. 

In a recent study, Blacks have been infected and are dying in a higher rate than the population. and aren't able to get access to testing sites.

An emotional Morgan stated,

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This is my first day out in about 12 days. I'm on my way to whole foods to get some important essentials that we need!' she began, raising her voice at the end to shame those who have ignored social distancing guidelines. And I don't know, for some reason today I've just been overcome with such emotion. I just want all of us to get through this and to the other side. I just want all of us to get through this and to the other side. And especially within our black communities, where people are sick and dying. So many of us are dying, and we can't put food on the table for our children. We can't pay our rent, we can't pay our mortgages.

Morgan went on to encourage Blacks during the crisis and stated,

Our ancestors are strong people, and we got through slavery. We are still a strong people, we will get through this. But we gotta be smart and stay safe. Because we cannot and will not be broken.

Watch her emotional video below.