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Melody Thomas Scott Reveals She Wants Nikki to "Have an Evil Twin"

Melody Thomas Scott

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Reed Newman, The Young and the Restless) live-tweeted during Y&R's classic episode on May 5. The Emmy nominee shared some of her favorite storylines over the last 40+ years and her dream storyline for Nikki.

When asked what her dream storyline for Nikki would be, Mel gave an interesting answer:

If MTS had her way, which vintage Y&R episodes would she screen? She revealed:

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Her favorite co-star to duke it out with is Nikki's former daughter-in-law Sharon (Sharon Case)

Back in the day, Nikki and Victor (Eric Braeden) spent their time at the upscale Colonnade Room or on their luxurious ranch. She revealed how much she misses the old sets:

Would you like to see Niktor back on the ranch? What about a Nikki double? Sound off in the comments!