Perkie's Observations: Ava Makes Ripples In the Friz Pond on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Nikolas is thrilled when he gets a letter from Spencer (because apparently Spencer's living in 1982 and has forgotten that email exists!!). Spencer's willing to accept Nikolas back in his life, but only if he divorces Ava. Ava's upset that Spencer hasn't forgiven her yet, but is happy that Nikolas is getting a second chance. 

Nikolas says he would do anything to reconcile with his son. Ava reminds him about the postnup agreement that states she gets 90% of the Cassadine fortune in the event of their divorce. Nikolas is not happy and accuses Ava of only thinking of herself. When he brings up Kiki, Ava slaps him. Ava tells him to stay in the marriage and keep his money or divorce her and get Spencer back. 

Liz gets an invitation to Wyndemere. Ava's hosting a party where her portrait will be unveiled. Liz doesn't like the wording of the invitation, which emphasizes Franco's past. Franco says Ava's paying him and he's made peace with his past. 

Liz says Ava's trying to exploit Franco's past despite that he's a changed man. Franco reminds her it's been ten years since LA with Jason and people are reaching out for interviews. 

Franco thinks it would be good to tell his side of the story, though Liz finds the whole thing disgusting. Franco says scandal sells and they need the money. Liz is still not happy and Franco says she wouldn't understand since she's not a real artist. That pisses off Liz. (Am I finally seeing a chink in the Friz marriage? As a HUGE Liz fan and a HUGE Franco hater, that would be loverly for me!)

Neil confronts Julian for making his affair with Alexis public. He says he lost his license, costing him his career. Neil says Alexis is also waiting to hear whether there will be any disciplinary action against her. Julian accuses Neil of jumping into bed with Alexis then lying to the board, which caused Alexis to drink. 

Neil mentions that he's going to walk away, which angers Julian even more. Julian says Neil is running away to protect himself. Julian says Alexis doesn't need Neil to bail on her, but to step up and fight for her. Julian says Alexis jeopardized her sobriety and Neil would be a fool to walk away. 

Brando runs into Jason at the gym and mentions he'll be staying in town after all. Brando brings up how Kristina and Sam are mad at him for fixing Molly's car. He explains to Jason what happened at the pub and how he offended Sam. 

Nikolas heads to the hospital to talk to Liz, who's not in the mood.

Franco heads to Wyndemere where he finds Ava crying, and gives her a hug. 

Molly feels guilty about Brando. Sam says she needs to tell TJ the truth. Molly wants her to back off. Alexis shows up and wonders why they're bickering. Molly tells Alexis she jumped into bed with Brando. Kristina says telling TJ the truth would only risk their relationship. Molly says she won't be able to handle the guilt if she doesn't.

Sam points out how Molly handles things differently than Kristina. Sam says Kristina lets things blow up in her face. Kristina accuses Sam of thinking she has all the answers, despite the fact she's pushing Jason to meet her in secret. Kristina says Sam is jeopardizing her family by doing so. Sam counters she only went to jail because she saved Kristina from Shiloh. Sam blames Kristina for everything.