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Tika Sumpter Shares Sugaberry, New Platform to Celebrate Black Motherhood

Soap fan fave Tika Sumpter (ex-Layla, One Life to Live) is sharing her exciting new project with the world. Along with Thai Randolph, EVP of Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud production company, the Mixed-ish actress has launched Sugaberry, a digital platform where Black women can celebrate motherhood.

She told The Glow Up:

Three years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter Ella, I just felt like there was a hole—there wasn’t a go-to spot for black women to commune with pregnancy when I felt like there were a million parenting magazines or major sites for non-women of color to have everything answered for them.

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She added in a conversation with Madame Noire:

The narrative and the visual representation of Black women and Black motherhood was kind of bothersome to me. The variation in which Black motherhood was displayed and the way in which mainstream motherhood was displayed. It was devastation and destruction for us. There was no sense of indulgence and really thriving in motherhood.”

Sumpter recalled. her own struggles with preeclampsia during pregnancy, noting:

But it was almost as though there was no happiness or love in Black motherhood. It was as though we were just kind of grin and bearing it. There are women of every class that I know that didn’t have that perspective and I thought, ‘Why does everyone else get to celebrate and talk about real stuff while also enjoying it and thriving in it?'

Check out this inspiring new venture, which includes a podcasthere.