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WATCH: Wendy Williams Slams Jessica Simpson for Allowing Daughter to Read Her Memoir

Wendy Williams isn't letting broadcasting remotely blunt her opinions. On a recent of Wendy @ Home, Williams shared her honest opinion about singer Jessica Simpson letting her eight-year-old daughter read her new memoir.

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Williams shared her thoughts on her show, saying:

She’s very open, and she discusses her alcoholism, her relationship with [ex-husband] Nick Lachey, and her fall downs and getups and her fall downs again. Your daughter seems smarter than you. You’ve got your 8-year-old daughter reading your memoir — it’s not enough that all she has to do is click on YouTube and see you talking about everything. 

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Williams added:

It’s not a good idea. I understand being open with your kids but that’s too much and that girl is a little too young.

Simpson's memoir, the aptly-titled Open Book, delves into her personal struggles with fame and alcohol, her personal highs and lows, in great detail.

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Watch Wendy's take on the situation below.