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Perkie's Observations: Kristina and Sam Come Out Punching on General Hospital

Lexi Ainsworth, Kelly Monaco

Lexi Ainsworth, Kelly Monaco

Kristina says she never asked for Sam's help with Shiloh. Sam counters that Kristina gave up her family, but Kristina says she was depressed and no one figured it out. Kristina claims Sam is addicted to danger, which Sam tries to deny.

Kristina calls Sam and Jason danger junkies. Sam claims all she ever wanted was her family's safety. Kristina counters that Sam was like that with Drew, but when Jason returned, she went back to ride or die. Kristina tells her Jason would die for Sam, but can't live with her. Kristina adds that Sam can't survive without drama. Kristina thinks her sneaking around is to spice things up, but all Jason is interested in is taking care of CarSon. 

Ava explains to Franco that Nikolas accused her of driving Kiki away. Franco says she needs to get out of her toxic marriage, adding she doesn't need Nikolas. Ava wants the fortune and legacy, but Franco believes she committed to a loveless marriage to punish herself for Kiki. 

Franco brings up the note on the invitation and denies he's still a criminal. He doesn't want her to exploit his dark past. Ava says who he was will sell the art, but Franco explains that Liz is not happy about it. 

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Liz is not in the mood for Nikolas, but he still tells her about the letter from Spencer. Liz is thrilled that Nikolas now has an excuse to leave Ava, but Nikolas says he loses everything if he divorces her. Liz says Spencer doesn't care about the money, but Nikolas disagrees. 

Nina tells Jax that Lulu and Valentin will share custody of Charlotte and believes that's what's best for the child. Jax says Valentin is short on morals and scruples.

Carly shows up asking Nina if she has anything they can use against Nelle at the hearing. Nina says Nelle has been a great employee and thinks Michael should compromise with her. Carly says Nelle is unfit to be a mother because she's a psychotic liar. Nina says Nelle is trying to be a better person and Wiley would benefit from the love of both parents.

Carly says Nelle can't show real love. Nina thinks she shouldn't judge Nelle because of her past and wonders why she won't give her a break. Carly says Nelle will risk Wiley's life to punish the family. She adds there's more to motherhood than biology. Carly says Nina wouldn't understand since she's not a mother. Then, Carly flips it and tells Nina she would be a good mother, but that Nelle won't be. 

Nelle meets with Martin to discuss the custody hearing. She wants him to get her full custody of Wiley. She tells him about Michael's breakup and how Martin can use it. Martin says Nelle needs some character witnesses. Martin tells her the best she'll get is shared custody and wonders if she's ready to be a mother. 

Nina tells Jax that she saw Nelle's vulnerable side and thinks she's changed. Nelle arrives and asks Nina if she can testify on her behalf.