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The Bold and the Beautiful's Heather Tom Dishes on Katie and Bill...Then and Now

Heather Tom

Since The Bold and the Beautiful has been re-airing some of its greatest weddings, Michael Maloney chatted to Heather Tom (Katie Logan) about her character's first on-screen union with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). With Katie currently furious with Bill - who kissed her sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) yet again - is there a future for Batie?

Tom told TV Insider that she has fond memories of Katie and Bill's initial wedding, which took place at the Logans' childhood home:

We shot it on the CBS Radford lot. It was really sweet. Patrick Duffy (Stephen) walked me down the aisle. There was some sweet Logan sister stuff. I thought it was all really well done and a lovely romantic story.

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She added:

I’m really happy that they chose Katie’s wedding for this. It’s definitely one of my favorite stories. It was a transformative story for Katie. It was such a sweet wedding. B&B has had some epic weddings. The location stuff alone has been insane. There’s a lot to draw from. [Laughs] I’m glad I made the cut!

And what about Batie in the current timeline? Is there a hope for this tortured twosome? Tom weighed in:

That’s an interesting question. With this most recent one, it’s one of those revelation moments. Katie faced it in a very pragmatic real way. It was upsetting and devastating, but I think she’s at that crossroads where she’s realizing, 'Maybe this is just who [Bill] is. I want him to be something else. I always believed we could have that, but maybe this is who he is?' [She will] have to either accept that or not. [Katie] will always forgive Brooke because she loves her ... Is she hurt when she does this? Yes. She also knows she loves her and forgives her. That’s the dynamic between Katie and Brooke.

I think she can forgive Bill, too. These scenes have aired, but I like it when they become very adult. Katie and Bill have been married. They have this real relationship. I love working with Donald. I’ve known him most of my life. That’s why we have a chemistry that’s authentic.