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Wendy Williams Doesn't Mind Filming in Quarantine: "I'm Enjoying This Process"

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams isn't sweating filming from home. In fact, she's turning out episodes of her remote talk show, Wendy @ Home every weekday like the professional broadcaster she is. Williams told CNN that she goes through the same routine with a cameraman every morning.

Her teams works like a well-oiled machine, she said:

I have the same person come over every single day. He's on time. He flips the switches, he sits over there, away from me. We get it done. Then my computer shows a whole gang of people from production.

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She also expressed her appreciation of her helpful team, saying:

We work so well as a team. I'm enjoying this process.

Still, the Queen of All Media can't wait to get back in the studio, admitting:

I will probably be the one to sleep over in my office the night before, and I will be the one to unlock the door and turn on the lights and welcome everyone back.