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Alec Baldwin Calls Knots Landing Tenure One of the Most Important Times in His Life

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has nothing but love for the soap opera genre. The actor thinks of his time in daytime and primetime soaps very fondly and considers the time he spent in the sudsy arena as one of the best times of his life.

In an interview with People, Baldwin spoke to the magazine in participation in the upcoming documentary The Story of Soaps, it is putting on with ABC. He opens up on how profound soaps were for his career.

In the early '80s, Baldwin first got his start as the villainous Billy Aldrich in NBC's daytime drama The Doctors. Soon afterwards Baldwin went on to star as conniving preacher Joshua Rush on Knots Landing

According to Baldwin,

I went out to Los Angeles and got cast on Knots Landing. It was probably one of the five most important times of my life.

Baldwin goes on to explain how the fictional characters make television viewing special and gives the audience a close connection to them. Baldwin remarked,

When I play that kind of character, I want to give it everything I can so when the hero kills me or thwarts me in the end, it’s more satisfying for the audience. You really want that guy to get it. It's that kind of investment in characters that make television special. Daytime TV and TV in general, you have a different relationship with the audience because they see you all the time. You have to go somewhere and buy a ticket and watch a movie. With television, we’re people that are in your living room.

Baldwin, along with Bryan Cranston, Carol Burnett, Jon Hamm, Susan Lucci, Vivica A. Fox, Andy Cohen, and more take part in the The Story of Soaps. That is slated to air Tuesday, May 18 at 8PM EST on ABC.