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Perkie's Observations: Robert Tries to Cope With Holly's Death on General Hospital

John J. York, Tristan Rogers

John J. York, Tristan Rogers

Kristina says Jason's first priority is and always will be Carly and Sonny. Sam claims she's aware of and supports it. Molly says Kristina is sounding very Dawn of Day, but Kristina says she's gained perspective since the cult. She says she's trying to be a better person. Molly accuses Kristina of being jealous of Sam's love for Jason. 

Sam tries to make peace and mentions going out for a drink, then feels badly for Alexis. Alexis admits to the girls that she's only been sober for two weeks. She explains why, and both Molly and Kristina wonder if Alexis has a future with Neil. 

Nelle wants Nina to be the person to believe in her, though Nina says she's trying to understand her. Nelle swears she's changed and has learned from her mistakes. Nina doesn't want to get involved and says she only knows Nelle as an employee. Nina doesn't know how Nelle will be as a mother. Nelle tells her not to believe Brad's lies. All she's asking is for a second chance. Nina reminds Nelle there's a child at stake. Nelle says her son needs her and he shouldn't grow up thinking of her as a stranger. Nelle convinces Nina that she would never turn her back on Wiley.

Carly complains to Jax that Nina is playing into Nelle's hands and worries that Nelle will win over the judge. Carly feels Nina should know better than to let Nelle manipulate her. Carly says Nina romanticizes being a mother. She adds that there's not a maternal bone in Nelle's body. 

Jax reminds Carly that she wasn't a good and selfless person, and it took Michael's birth to change her. Carly says she had to make choices and to learn how to sacrifice. (Wow, who knew my eyeballs could roll all the way back into my head, multiple times.) Carly claims Nelle won't learn to sacrifice and will be a danger to Wiley. Jax promises to talk to Nina. 

Mac keeps Robert company while he gets drunk to numb the pain of Holly's death. Robert admits how much he loved her. Mac agrees they all lost a dear friend. Felicia feels Holly wouldn't want them to mourn.

Maxie and Peter come across the mourners. Robert does not want Peter around. Maxie feels terrible for Robert and expresses her condolences. Robert calls Peter an unadulterated dirtbag. Maxie retorts that he can't talk to Peter that way. 

Brook Lynn drags Michael to the gym to get his aggression out before tomorrow's custody hearing. She's less than thrilled when Sasha and Chase arrive at the gym. Brook Lynn tears a strip off of both of them for hurting poor little Mikey. Sasha snaps back, so Brook Lynn punches her in the face. Michael takes Sasha to the hospital. (Why would he do that? Oh right, plot point.) Chase writes Brook Lynn a ticket for public disturbance. Brook Lynn tears up the ticket, then Chase places her under arrest. 

Sonny talks to Mike about Dante, but Mike doesn't seem aware or interested. Sonny asks Mike how he wants to live his remaining days. He asks if Mike wants desperate measures or not. Mike whispers to Sonny that he wants to watch the Yankees game. 

Peter meets with one of his minions and gets angry. He explains he wanted Robert to be distracted, but didn't want Holly dead. The guy swears he had nothing to do with what happened to Holly. Felicia tells Anna they need to plan a memorial for Holly. Anna says she read the WSB report on Holly's death and believes there is more to the story. 

Carly checks in on Sonny, who says Mike wanted to watch the game. Carly thinks Sonny is hearing what he wants. Sonny says this means Mike is not ready to give up and he's not ready to make a decision about it. (Way to shove your head in the sand there Sonny.)

Nina tells Jax that Nelle asked her to be a character witness. Jax can't believe that Nina is considering it, though he admires her compassion. Jax says Wiley will pay the price and wonders if Nina can live with that. 

Alexis gets a call from Diane and tells her girls that she's been disbarred.