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Brandon Barash Hints at Jake's Identity Crisis on Days of Our Lives

Brandon Barash

Brandon Barash is back on Days of Our Lives - but as rough-around-the-edges mechanic Jake Lambert, rather than roguish corporate raider Stefan O. DiMera. Are the two one and the same, twins separated at birth, or not related at all? Barash spoke to about Jake vs. Stefan and his character's identity.

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He shared:

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They are really not very similar. I think those two characters are very black and white. Stefan was always idealistic and down to his core — he was this corporate raider, no BS, tough businessman, who fancied himself a family man. When it came down to it, Stefan wasn’t made of the stuff to make a good family man.

Jake wants that, but he makes bad choices. He’s acting out of a good place, but makes these peripheral choices that come back to bite him in the ass. So that’s a similar thing that they share — they are both well-intentioned in their minds and can make poor decisions as a result of that.

Stefan's widow, Gabi Hernandez DiMera (Camila Banus), is currently convinced Jake is her deceased husband. But what does Barash have to say? 

He teased:

It will be revealed who he is. What I will say is my first month or two back on the canvas is a lot of… Is he or isn’t he [Stefan]? You may start to see Jake grapple with that a bit, too. It’s a fun journey that they wrote and hats off to them for the way they did it.