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Camryn Grimes and Mishael Morgan Dish on Doppelgängers and Deathbed Scenes

Camryn Grimes, Mishael Morgan

The Young and the Restless' Camryn Grimes (Mariah) and Mishael Morgan (Amanda) are taking over GC Buzz - AKA Y&R's social media! - this Thursday and Friday. In an interview with TV Insider's Michael Maloney, the actresses talked about their respective roles - they've both played doppelgängers on the show - plus starring in deathbed scenes.

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GC Buzz is perfect vehicle or the talented twosome, as Mariah once co-starred opposite Hilary Curtis (Morgan's first role on the show) on the Genoa City chatfest.  Morgan mused:

What I like about this is it almost feels like we’re getting a glimpse into what backstage at GC Buzz was like. It’s a reflection of what we’d do [on-air] before we’d ‘roll’ the show. Hilary played this over the top boss and Marah [sic] was the straight man. We played with that so much on set.

Maloney asked Morgan about the one question fans are dying to know: are Hilary and Amanda related? Surely the talk show maven and the legal eagle aren't just lookalikes... Morgan answered:

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I’ve seen those comments on line. I don’t know what the deal is yet, but we’ve talked about it with the show’s writing team. They haven’t given me an answer that the two characters are related, but, personally, I feel since they look so similar [maybe they are?] If they’re not related, then what is it?

Both actresses can relate to having two play identical characters who are very different - Grimes as Cassie Newman and Mariah Copeland, Morgan as Amanda Sinclair and Hilary Curtis. Morgan noted:

When Amanda first came on, she tried to be very professional. She knew it was going to be difficult given what she walking into – as an attorney, she was representing a client that was trying to take Devon [Bryton James]’s inheritance away from him. She felt she had to have this hard demeanor. Things change when you get past the professional role people play. That’s what’s happening now. Amanda was doing her job. Now, people are seeing different sides to her.

Grimes concurred:

I was in a similar position when I came back on as [Cassie’s twin] Mariah. She came on super-strong. As she got to know Sharon [Sharon Case] and everyone else, things eased. It’s a natural progression as what happens in real-life when people get to know you.

Watch Thursday's complete GC Buzz interview segment below.