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John McCook Looks Back at Eric and Brooke's Romance on The Bold and the Beautiful

John McCook

John McCook

There's nothing like a throwback to reinvigorate love for soaps, as fans are finding! This week on The Bold and the Beautiful has featured wedding-focused episodes, including Eric Forrester (John McCook) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)'s first union in Palm Springs, California. 

McCook spoke with TV Insider's Michael Maloney about that storyline - after all, Brooke was in love with Eric's son Ridge (then Ronn Moss, now Thorsten Kaye) - and Eric's bond with current wife Quinn (Rena Sofer).

McCook always loved the Brooke-Ridge-Eric-Stephanie (Susan Flannery) quadrangle. He reflected:

I was thrilled when they started to write Eric reaching out to this beautiful ,young woman whom his son had stepped on. It only lasted as long as it did. I think Eric may have known all along Brooke would go back to Ridge. Of course, she would. But it showed that Eric open to love even if it meant going somewhere else. Why was Eric always looking outside the marriage? It was all about conflict with Stephanie. Everything was a challenge.

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The conflict was inherent in B&B from episode one, in which Eric addressed his stagnating marriage with Stephanie. McCook said:

[Their conflict] was built-in right away. I remember using the word ‘malaise’ to describe their relationship. No one uses that word in conversation. It’s a really good adjective that no one else was using.

Things are different now, with Eric and Quinn. What appeals to Eric about the troublemaker? McCook revealed:

Rena has that wide spectrum of capability. She can bring that softness and romance to what she feels towards Eric. At the same time, she can be this terrible manipulator. Eric loves this girl. She’s wonderful.