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Perkie's Observations: Trina Takes a Stand Against Cyrus on General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla, Jeff Kober

Sydney Mikayla, Jeff Kober

(*So, after several days of cohesiveness, this was another episode of Flashback Hospital, where 50% of the episode is filled with things we've already seen. Again. Certainly makes for quicker viewing and a shorter recap, so that's a bonus, I guess.*)

Finn runs into Willow and tells her to cut Chase some slack. Willow is less than amused and Finn realizes that Chase didn't tell her the truth as he promised he would. 

Michael takes Sasha, with her bleeding nose, to the hospital. Finn takes Sasha away to get checked out. Willow asks why Michael brought Sasha. Michael mentions that Chase was dealing with Brook Lynn. He says it's hard to get rid of his feelings for Sasha, but he needs to be ready for the hearing. 

Sasha says she knows that Finn knows the truth. Finn believes she and Chase should come clean. Sasha says Michael and Willow will never be happy if Nelle gets custody. Sasha thinks she and Chase know what they're doing. Finn says it's not the best solution to play God with everyone's lives. 

Carly tells Laura that she's worried about the custody case. She sort of poo-poos the lawsuit against the hospital, but Laura says it's serious. Laura explains the malpractice insurance will not cover it. She's worried that the hospital may not survive if the charges aren't covered. 

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Cyrus happens by, overhearing the conversation and inserting himself into it. Carly calls him on it, so he apologizes for listening in. Cyrus reassures Carly that he and Sonny have reached an understanding. Cyrus asks for Carly's address so he can send them a housewarming invitation. He tosses out a not so veiled threat Laura's way by saying he doesn't need her address because he already knows it. Both women decline the invitation. 

Curtis meets with Sonny and Jason, and lets them know that Mac is still investigating TJ's kidnapping. Sonny feels the less TJ remembers, the safer he'll be. Curtis wants to know why Sonny is taking so long to handle Cyrus. 

Jason says they don't want to rush it and botch it, and they have to let things play out. Sonny promises there is a plan in motion. Sonny says they'll play nice until the right moment and he'll make sure there are no loose ends. 

Mac tells Jordan that he has more questions about TJ's kidnapping. He wants to know why there were no ransom demands made or why the kidnappers were texting Jordan on TJ's phone. He wonders if any demands were made on Jordan, but she denies it.
Laura runs into Mac and wonders aloud if he can get rid of Cyrus for her.

Carly updates Sonny about Cyrus' veiled threats. She wants to know how much longer they have to endure Cyrus. Sonny promises he'll end it sooner than Cyrus thinks. 

Trina wants to wait for Portia to get off duty to go home with her. Portia understands that Trina is still processing Taggert's death, but says she doesn't need to worry about her. Portia adds the police will keep them safe. That remark sends Trina on another tangent about Jordan and how she's not to be trusted. Portia says Taggert trusted Jordan and he would want Trina to move forward. Trina spots Cyrus coming toward them and confronts him. Trina tells Cyrus that someone will stop him, just as Curtis and Jordan arrive. Curtis tells Cyrus to stay away from Trina and Portia.