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Tamron Hall Can't Wait to Celebrate First Mother's Day

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall will be celebrating her first Mother's Day as a parent this Sunday, and she is beyond thrilled. The talk show host spoke to about her experiences of having her son, Moses, in her 40s, her IVF journey, and creating a community through her talk show.

The veteran journalist admitted:

Just to think about saying the words, 'Happy Mother’s Day' brings such a flood of emotion to me, because I know that here I am holding this one-year-old who refuses to eat his food unless he can feed himself. But two years ago this was something I never could have imagined.

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Hall and her husband, Steven Greener, went through IVF for her to get pregnant. She advised anyone undergoing the grueling procedure: 

If you’re going through it, even on those days you believe that you’re OK: take the help and take the extra love. If a friend offers to meet you for lunch after your IVF round, don’t say, 'Oh, I’m fine.' No, take the offer. And that’s something that I didn’t always do because I was trying to be strong. I felt, 'I’ve got this.’ Not in the sense of, 'I’ve got it, it’s easy.' But I wanted to be strong. So, I did always sit on the phone and talk with my friends when the rounds [of infertility treatments] were hard and they didn’t work.

Hall is taking those very feelings of closeness and bringing them to the remote broadcast of her talk show. It hearkens back to her own childhood, she recalled:

I was a latchkey kid growing up when my mother and father were both working. I would come home, crawl up on the counter, get my Cap’n Crunch, do my homework and watch TV. But watching me get off the bus and go into my house ever so closely were our neighbors. Once I was inside, they would peek out from their front porch to check on me. That was the community that I grew up in. So, I grew up in that environment, whether it was a neighbor or an actual relative, they were an extension of my parents. Community means everything to me, and I think that our show represents this.