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Perkie's Observations: Nelle's Radar Pings on Some Juicy Intel on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Chloe Lanier

Chase takes Brook Lynn to the PCPD. She accuses him of abuse of power and false arrest, but he says she broke the law when she hit Sasha. Brook Lynn calls her father, who refuses to pay her way out. Brook Lynn then calls Julian, who comes to her aid. 

Nelle tracks down Julian and offers him access to Wiley if he testifies on her behalf at the hearing. She says they were both Brad's victims, but Julian's not having any of it. Julian says Wiley is better off with Michael. 

Diane prepares Willow and Michael for the custody hearing, and warns them not to let Nelle get to them. Michael promises not to let Nelle bait him. Willow says she's ready to take on Nelle. 

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Nelle runs into Chase and gets flirty flirty with him. She offers to give him a second chance, but he's also not interested in what she's selling. 

Finn questions why Chase didn't tell Willow the truth. Chase says that dumping Willow is the right thing to do for Wiley. He believes Willow won't be happy with him if Nelle gets custody of Wiley.

Michael brings up the subject of marriage to Willow again. He believes they can have a partnership and raise Wiley together. Willow says she's still in love with Chase and can't believe she would ever marry without love. 

Michael points out that Willow would be marrying into the Quartermaine and Corinthos families, and that life will be different. Michael says he values their friendship and her love for Wiley. Willow says she's in awe of Michael's integrity and knows he'll respect her. Michael says they love each other as friends and can make this work. Willow says Wiley deserves to be safe and happy, and eventually agrees to the marriage. 

Nelle hangs out in the back of Julian's bar. Brook Lynn and Julian return. Brook Lynn thanks Julian for bailing her out and makes another comment about not telling Sonny how he was responsible for Brucas' accident. Even though Julian has vehemently denied this every single time she's brought it up. This time however, he just shares a toast with Brook Lynn. Meanwhile, Nelle eavesdrops and twirls her villainous mustache.