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Perkie's Observations: Willow and Michael Hitch Their Wagons To a Dream on General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen, Lynn Herring, Chad Duell

Katelyn MacMullen, Lynn Herring, Chad Duell

Nelle gets enough information to use from Brook Lynn's blackmail talk with Julian. He gets a call from Leo, who's upset about something Ned did, so he and Brook Lynn head to the mansion, while Nelle heads over to talk to her lawyer. 

Michael and Willow let CarSon know they're getting married tonight. Sonny takes Michael aside to make sure he's doing the right thing. Michael feels marrying Willow gives him the strongest chance at full custody. Sonny points out that it will be a loveless marriage and will last beyond the court date. Michael says they respect each other and both want what's best for Wiley.

Carly takes Willow aside and thanks her for going ahead with the marriage. She wonders if Willow will really be able to let Chase go.

Lucy's concerned about Sasha's face thanks to Brook Lynn's punch. She gets a call from Sonny, who asks her to officiate the wedding. She mentions it to Sasha, which Nelle overhears. 

Nelle tells Martin about the wedding, but he says there is nothing he can do about it. He jokingly says she could conjure up her own husband, so Nelle takes off and heads to the pub. 

Curtis is angry about Cyrus' run in with Portia and Trina, and warns him to back off. (How is this story still playing out? The last time we saw this story it was at least a week ago in real time.) Jordan drags Cyrus away for a chat. Cyrus thanks Jordan for exonerating him, but she's not interested in what he has to say.

Trina blames Curtis for Taggert's death, despite Portia saying she should be grateful to Curtis. Trina blames Jordan for trashing Taggert's reputation, saying they are as responsible as Cyrus for his death. 

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Monica questions Ned about Brook Lynn being taken to the PCPD again. She thinks Ned letting Brook Lynn fend for herself will not end well. Brook Lynn and Julian show up. Julian says he got a call from Leo, who was upset. It turns out that Leo was pitting Julian against Ned.

Ned wants to know why Brook Lynn turned to Julian for help. Brook Lynn complains that Julian was the only one available to get her released and all she was doing was defending Michael. 

Joss arrives to let the Quartermaines know that Michael and Willow are getting married tonight at the mansion. When Michael and Willow arrive, Brook Lynn offers Willow a dress from her closet. (And yet BL herself doesn't change out of the outfit she's been wearing all day and sat in at the PCPD. Gross.)

Sasha tells Chase about the wedding and that Nelle overheard it. She calls Carly to give her a heads up. 

Sonny thanks Monica for the use of her home for the wedding.

Lucy arrives with the marriage certificate. As he's leaving, Julian tells Sonny that Wiley deserves to be raised by Michael and not Nelle. 

Michael thanks Willow again and presents her with Lila's wedding ring. Willow is thrilled that Wiley will be her son again after losing her own. 

Everyone gathers. Willow walks down the aisle. Michael and Willow say vows to each other. Lucy pronounces them husband and wife. The two share a kiss.