WATCH: Scott Clifton Talks Getting Back to Work: “Everything Is Tentative"

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Scott Clifton

When The Bold and the Beautiful's broadcast was pre-empted, never fear: Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) is here! The actor was supposed to live-tweet during an episode, but when a news conference popped up in the show's stead, Clifton assuaged fans' hunger by answering questions in a Twitter video later in the day.

A number of viewers were anxious to know when B&B's filming would resume. Ever pragmatic about giving firm dates, Clifton answered:

We have an idea. We were told, all of us — the whole cast — that we’d try for mid-May so, May 15th-ish. But we had been given other dates before that that didn’t pan out because things keep changing.

Everything is tentative. We’re really itching to get back in there and give you guys more story. Even when we do go back there will be a lot more protocol than there was before. We might even have to film things differently where we’re not in such close proximity [with one another].

Watch Clifton chat it up below.