Perkie's Observations: Lulu Chaps Olivia's Hide on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Mark Lawson, Lisa LoCicero

Emme Rylan, Mark Lawson, Lisa LoCicero

I'm filling in for Perkie since there were lots of cut-ins on her episode today.

Chase and Willow wake up in empty beds in different places.

At the Q's, Brook Lynn offers her admiration to Michael for doing the right thing. Brook Lynn sings Willow's praises and says she's the perfect wife for him. She thinks Willow is better off without Chase.

Carly asks Olivia's advice on mother-in-law-hood at Metro Court. Olivia tells her to bite her tongue, exercise patience, and slap on a smile. (Things we know Carly is really good at.) Just then, Dustin and Lulu pop in.

Hungover Robert feels uncomfortable with Laura pouring his coffee in her nightgown in her home. She touches his face and hints they did what two old friends with history do. He winces and she laughs at him. She tells him he showed up drunk, landed on her couch, and that was that.

Lulu says to Olivia that Dustin needs advice on getting cupcakes right. The occasion? Take your dad to school day. Carly watches Olivia's facial expressions and head explosions.

Avery and Ava are visiting Mike. Ava admits to Sonny that Mike had isn't talking much. Ava assures him Avery isn't scared and is young enough to not fully understand what's happening. Sonny and Ava talk about Mike's condition and how it's affecting him. Ava apologizes for threatening to sue Mike for taking Avery.

Carly takes Dustin aside to chat on how to proceed with Lulu and Olivia. She respects Lulu's decision to move forward with her life, but says Lulu doesn't always consider Olivia's feelings. She thinks Dustin can approach future pitfalls from Olivia's perspective.

When alone, Olivia lays into Lulu and accuses her of erasing Dante out of Rocco's life. Lulu explains that Rocco wanted to ask Dustin. Olivia tells Lulu she wish she knew this was happening before now.

Robert admits to Laura he knows Holly's not her favorite person. Laura explains it was a long time ago and Holly is important to a lot of people she cares about. Robert tells Laura that Holly went down in a ship during a storm while doing contract work for the WSB.

Chase shows up to work and Mac isn't happy with his distractions (he had to call him at home to hustle his butt out of bed) and tells him to take time away if he needs it. He warns Chase that arresting Brook Lynn three times in three months could look bad for him with a civilian review board.

Michael tells Willow he's not nervous because she's going to the hearing with him as his wife. He feels like he will win. Willow says she has no regrets and never will.

Lulu goes to Laura for advice about Olivia. Laura tells Lulu to have compassion for her because she may be waiting for Dante to come home for the rest of her life.

Sonny tries to get Mike to talk about his end of life plans while he's lucid. Mike fades out and looks away. Mike's doctor takes Sonny aside and tells him Mike needs a feeding tube. When Michael shows up, he tells Sonny to trust what he knows. Sonny breaks down because he doesn't know what Mike really wants.

Robert shows up at the PCPD. Mac gives him the file and tells him to read it. Mac isn't certain Holly's death was an accident.

Chase is working at his desk when Willow pops in. She tells him she and Michael got married the night before. She tells Chase goodbye and heads to court.