LGBTQ Minute Soap Hidden Canyons Heads To Instagram

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Hidden Canyons

Soaps are coming to Instagram. Retrofit Films is bringing the first one-minute long LGBTQ soap, Hidden Canyons, to Instagram. According to Deadline, the series centers around seven friends who must wade through unpredictable relationship waters and challenges they face in the LGBTQ world in the fictional city of Hidden Canyons.

The first nine of the 26 episodes will debut on May 17 at 8PM EST/5PM PST. The remaining 17 episodes will air Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the early part of August. 

Creator Brant Rotnem said in a released statement,

 We often see reductive depictions of the LGBTQ+ world in media. I wanted to tell stories that speak to the nuances we don’t get to see. For instance, what is the community’s relationship to materialism and success? Should we structure romantic relationships like straight couples, or redefine them in our own way? What complications can arise when a same-sex couple asks a family member to help them conceive?

The series will be interactive and will have viewers engage with questions on what they would like to see take place next and the feedback will be incorporated into future storylines. The cast features Sufe Bradshaw (Veep), Jeremy Glazer (Rust Creek, Modern Family, 9-1-1), Sean-James Murphy (Danger 5, Neighbors), Sean Samuels (Giants), Jamie Renée Smith (Weeds), and Tonatiuh (Vida).

 Get a look at what's to come below.