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Perkie's Observations: Nelle's Maneuver Balances the Scale on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Chloe Lanier

Anna's distracted by thoughts of Holly and her death. Finn says they should discuss their wedding and pick a date. Robert shows up demanding to know why she and Mac are keeping things from him about Holly. Anna says there is no proof of foul play and promises to tell Robert if she finds out anything. 

Maxie's forced to drag a hungover Sasha out of bed for her Face of Deception photo shoot. Sasha runs into Nina, who says she hopes Sasha finds peace. Maxie's not happy when Sasha arrives, looking like something the dog dragged in. Sasha promises to get herself together for the shoot. One of Maxie's assistants sneaks some drugs in for Sasha. 

Maxie's complains to Lulu about how difficult this new job is and worries she won't be able to pull it off. She wonders what Nina would do, just as Nina arrives. Nina gives Maxie a pep talk and reassures her that she'll get things done. 

Martin updates Valentin that he has acquired ELQ shares from Skye, her daughter Lila, as well as Maya Ward. He says Tracy's controlling Dillon's shares and isn't getting rid of them. Valentin's happy that he's close to getting controlling interest without the Quartermaines realizing it. Valentin wants Martin to find out who's controlling the shares for Drew and Jason's children. 

Carly finds Chase at the station and tells him about the Millow wedding. She says she regrets what it cost Chase, but is grateful to everyone who sacrificed themselves. 

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Chase stops by Deception and gets an earful from Lulu. Lulu says Sasha is a hungover mess, thanks to Chase. She tells Chase to find a way to get through to Sasha. Chase talks to Sasha and tells her how grateful Carly is. Sasha comes out of her dressing room, all cheery thanks to the drugs, ready to film. 

Valentin thanks Laura for talking Lulu into allowing him partial custody of Charlotte. Laura warns him not to let her regret it. Valentin promises he has no intention of going after Nikolas and Spencer anymore. Laura tells him to be the man who puts his family first. 

Nina tells Jax she comforted Sasha and helped build up Maxie's confidence. She's decided she needs to know if she does have a daughter out in the world. Jax offers to look, but Nina says she's going to find her herself. 

Diane is thrilled to hear that Michael and Willow were married. She believes they're a perfect match and will be happy together. 

Carly runs into Martin at the courthouse and throws her Corinthos weight around. Martin's not impressed. 

Diane warns Carly not to try to intimidate Martin and not to forget he's a shark.

Nelle is late for the hearing. Diane says the judge may rule in Michael's favor if she doesn't show up. As the judge loses patience, Nelle storms into the courtroom, wearing a wedding dress and ring.