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Denise Richards Talks Real Housewives Drama, Filming The Bold and the Beautiful

Denise Richards

Denise Richards (Shauna, The Bold and the Beautiful) isn't letting coronavirus get in the way of her business! The actress, who is currently starring on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, also launched a new hemp-infused skincare line called CBMe.

She told ET of her drama-filled show, including a controversial dinner:

If it plays out the way it was shot, people will see [my side of things], and if there's questions, obviously I'll answer it at the reunion.

Allegations that she quit the show have spread; Richards explained:

I'm very committed to the show. I filmed a dinner party three days after having a major surgery. The show is something that's very important to me [and] something that I wanted to be committed to.

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She added:

Part of why I wanna stay quiet is, I come from a scripted world and you usually let the teasers and all that, hopefully the viewers will come and watch the show and let it play out on television and not in the media or not on social media. I didn't want to reveal anything.

In addition to her new skincare project, Richards is also looking to get back to work at B&B

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What would filming during COVID-19 look like? The Drop Dead Gorgeous star teased:

Are we gonna all have to wear masks in a love scene? I don’t know! None of us do. I mean, that’s the thing with our industry, being actors in entertainment and doing what all of us do, it's a big challenge for all of us, the close proximity with each other. So I’m not sure.