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Katherine Kelly Lang Revisits Brooke Logan's Greatest Hits

Katherine Kelly Lang

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) takes center stage. KKL chatted with TV Insider about some of her favorite throwback Brooke storylines.

Like so many fans, Lang remembered the many contributions Brooke made to Forrester Creations over the years. That will come up in Tuesday's episode, focused on the launch of the Brooke's Bedroom line. She said:

Brooke has brought a lot to Forrester – she created BeLief, the wrinkle-free fabric solution, Brooke’s Bedroom, and Taboo. She’s been very successful. I thought it was great when the show brought Brooke into more of a power position. It’s good to show diversity in Brooke’s life. She can be fun and sexy and also [a good businesswoman]. She came from a family that brought her up right. She worked hard and went to college. She’s not dumb. She’s smart – and at the same time, she has a big heart. She loves romance and fashion.

We'll also see Brooke face off in multiple episodes with lifelong rival Stephanie (Susan Flannery). Lang loved their ongoing battles, recalling:

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I learned so much working with Susan. She taught me a lot. She’s tough and doesn’t back down. She took it all so seriously. The show and her character meant so much to her. Her attitude was [imitating Flannery’s voice], “This is what we’ve got to do! And we’ve got to give it 100%!” I felt that way, too. She was so adamant. She made me nervous sometimes. But I wanted to show her that I could be there right there with her. We did it. We had the best time working together.

KKL also discussed the Brooke-Nick (Jack Wagner)-Bridget (Ashley Jones)-Taylor (Hunter Tylo) pentangle, which resulted in Taylor giving birth to Brooke's child with Nick. Talk about complicated! But some of her favorite scenes revolved around Brooke's battle for Forrester and her catfights with Taylor.

 The blonde beauty revealed:

I oved the first time Brooke became CEO of Forrester. She ripped up the contract that gave the Forresters control of BeLieF [till she found out they had betrayed her]. I said, ‘All you friggin’ people!’ Later, I thought am I able to say ‘friggin’?’ Usually, you couldn’t say words like that -- but that time, they let it go. I love it because Brooke was so in the moment. There were also a lot of good Brooke and Taylor fight scenes – in the fish pond, in the mud. Those would be fun to see again.

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