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Tamron Hall Discusses COVID-19's Devastating Effect on Black Communities

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall recently discussed her the devastation coronavirus has wrought on Black communities. At a remote social hour, the acclaimed journalist engaged with her talk show EP, Candi Carter, and a number of reporters from media outlets.

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She told Natasha S. Alford of theGrio:

My Blackness is my life. My journey is humanity.

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Hall elaborated on how COVID-19 has disproportionately ravaged Black communities and other communities of color, noting, as well, the emotional tolls taken on journalists and reporters of color. Hall added:

I have a 70-year-old mom that I’ve not seen since March 3. And I adore
my mom, and Candi knows.

My mom has high blood pressure. My mom is borderline diabetic. I lost my dad the first three months that I moved here. So it is very difficult when you start hearing the numbers of Black people dying because of preexisting conditions.

Hall is connecting with individuals affected by COVID-19 from across the country and bringing their stories to light. She commented:

I feel like it’s our job to make sure we are talking to the woman with lupus who happens to be of color, but also this white woman who was working in a nursing home got COVID-19, gave it to her mother and her mother died.

And I’m sitting there comforting her because her mind has tricked her into believing it was her fault. She is white, from Seattle, we don’t have anything in common but this, and I wasn’t going to let that woman down.