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WATCH: Katy Perry Announces Good Morning America's Remote Summer Concert Series

On May 18, singer Katy Perry beamed into Good Morning America's remote broadcast to make a big announcement. The pregnant singer shared the news that she will be the first artist to headline GMA's virtual Summer Concert Series.

On Friday, May 22, Perry will perform her new single, "Daisies." It won't be in person, of course, due to COVID-19 lockdown. She shared:

I am so thrilled to announce that I am going to be kicking off ‘Good Morning America’s’ 2020 Concert Series. That’s right: I am going to start it off with my brand new song, ‘Daisies.’ It will be a very exciting event. Please don’t miss it. I will see you there. Love you, ‘GMA.'

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A subsequent press release confirmed to TheWrap:

This year’s concert series will be held virtually.

Watch Perry kick it off below.