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LISTEN: Amelia Marshall Talks Scariest Moment on Passions, "Blessed" Role on Guiding Light

Amelia Marshall (ex-Belinda, All My Children; ex-Gilly, Guiding Light; ex-Liz, Passions) opened up to The Chat podcast about her storied soap roles. 

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How did she suspend her reality to get into character as on the wacky, James E. Reilly-helmed Passions? Marshall revealed:

You had to suspend reality when you walked in the door because if you didn’t, you were going to be in trouble. You couldn’t go, 'Oh, that wouldn't happen and she wouldn’t say that and what she couldn’t see me, can’t you see?' You couldn’t do that; you just had to dive in head first and go for T.C. (Rodney Van Johnson) and break out the wine and the sexy lingerie. It was all so crazy; I think that show, we all survived is just to say, ‘This isn’t real. We’ve got a witch and we’ve got all these things in a burning closet. Just go with it.’

One of her most memorable moments actually led to a scary incident, she shared:

I actually wish I had more of the outrageous episodes that happened[...] the really far-out- there things and one thing that I always will recall is actually almost drowning in a scene where the water--Ben Masters (Julian Crane) and I were in a closet and the water was some sort of tidal wave and the water’s coming up and quite literally all we had were our eyeballs and our noses above the water.

And Ben looked in my eyes and realized that I was really panicking and was no longer acting and basically the way they shot the scene is that they were lowering the ceiling instead of raising the water. They were lowering the ceiling and were kind of like bending our knees, going down in it, but the ceiling was right here and so he starts banging and banging on the ceiling and they quickly raise it. But I was like, ‘It’s steamy and you can’t breathe [in] humid weather.' Texas girl, you know what I mean, right? When it’s humid, you just can’t breathe.

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She also took it back to Guiding Light, where she played a member of a prominent Black family in Springfield. When asked how she felt to be part of such a family, she described it:

Privileged. Blessed. Proud. All of those things.

Marshall went on to describe her incredible journey to joining GL:

I started on Guiding Light in '89 as a dayplayer and I thought it was going to be three days. And, at the end of the third day, I asked the director, 'Am I going to be called back? Am I going to be in more episodes?' And he said, 'They didn’t talk to you? Yeah, you’re going to be here for a while.'

And I remember being really, really excited that this—I did a lot of theater, but oh my God, I’m going to have, like, this television job! And then they brought on Vince Williams (Hampton Speakes), who was Vince, and he had this energy that would fill a room and he was so embracing. He would say, 'I think I need to give us a love story.' 

I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,' and, in a strange turn of events, I was cast in a play. And my manager and agent went to Guiding Light and said, 'Can she be out for a number of weeks?' And they said no and they turned around within a day and put me on contract and in very short order they'd written that amazing story for the two of us. 

Listen to Marshall diving in to her amazing roles on daytime in the interview below.