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Martha Byrne Dishes on Dual Roles on As the World Turns, Digital Reunions

Martha Byrne

As the World Turns alum Martha Byrne (ex-Lily/Rose) is a hotter commodity than ever, thanks to web series Anacostia and The Locher Room's popular online reunions. The three-time Emmy winner spoke to Digital Journal about her grueling soap roles and reuniting digitally with her ATWT family.

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Byrne took home two Daytime Emmys for playing long-lost twins Lily and Rose, plus another for Anacostia. She reflected on the triumphs:

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The Emmy Awards were amazing. I felt like my hard work paid off, and I make the joke that I have three kids and now, I have three Emmy Awards, so each kid can have one. Playing Lily and Rose was a huge undertaking on the work side, and I really put all my blood, sweat, and tears into that, so to have it recognized that way was really special.

How did she manage to play two roles at the same time? She said:

I have a photographic memory and fortunately, I don't have to say it word for word. You try to stick to the script as tight as possible. I loved it. I loved the challenge.

And meeting up (virtually) with her ATWT pals recently made Byrne's day. She dished:

That was super fun. I am glad we got to do that. The fans clearly liked it because we had so many views, which is so nice, especially for a show that has been off the air for so long.