Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Infiltrates Ava's World on General Hospital

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Jeff Kober, Maura West

Jeff Kober, Maura West

Nelle runs into the courtroom and apologizes for being late. She explains she lost track of time marrying her precious husband . . . Julian Jerome! (I giggled at the expression on Julian's face, but I'm ticked the show went with Julian as the groom.)

Michael says Nelle overplayed her hand. Carly agrees, saying Julian is the worst candidate and is certain Nelle's case has just tanked. Michael is certain Nelle must have something incriminating on Julian to pull this off. Diane warns them to stick with their strategy and not react with whatever Nelle or Martin will say. 

Jordan and Curtis celebrate Molly and TJ's domestic partnership. Sonny stops by to welcome TJ into the family. TJ mentions he can't help Mac since he doesn't remember any more details of the kidnapping. Jordan speaks to Sonny alone and tells him their collaboration is over now. Sonny worries that Mac's investigation may lead to Cyrus.

Curtis tells TJ he's concerned about him. TJ admits he's been having nightmares and needs to pull it together for Molly. Jordan apologizes to Molly for the way she acted and believes the two are perfect together. Molly sits there looking guilty. 

Ava's talking to Lucy about selling her penthouse. Cyrus interrupts to introduce himself. He mentions that he's the potential buyer. Ava's not happy with Cyrus and mentions Trina losing her father.

Sonny comes across them and tears a strip off of Ava for doing business with Cyrus. Ava accuses Sonny of thinking the worst of her and says she didn't know Cyrus was the one interested in buying her penthouse. Ava also points out that Sonny is as big of a criminal, but he counters he's a legitimate coffee importer.

Cyrus returns and tells Ava he looked into her background and knows she shares a child with Sonny. He offers to help her with Sonny if needed. Ava says she wants nothing from him and will not sell him her penthouse. She warns him to never mention Avery again. 

Sam tries to convince Alexis to work out, but she's too busy wallowing in her disbarment. Brando runs into them and Alexis realizes who he is. Sam apologizes to Brando for being a biatch.

The teens hang out together. Joss mentions how it's been a year since Oscar's death and she seems to smile more now. She says she's ready to give up her journal. Cameron and Trina head off. She thanks Cameron for being there for her all these weeks. Cameron promises to always have her back. Joss is surprised when Dev tells her that Cameron likes her. 

Michael wonders how Nelle's marriage will affect the case. Diane says Julian isn't appropriate in the the same way Sasha wasn't. She just wants Millow to look like a committed couple. Diane addresses the judge, painting a rosy picture of Wiley's life with Michael and Willow in the Quartermaine mansion. 

Martin takes his turn with the judge. He explains that Nelle's baby was taken from her and she had to grieve. He tells the court that she married Julian and they will raise the child together.

Via flashback, Nelle approaches Julian the day before. She knows he caused Brucas' accident and Lucas will never forgive him. She says Sonny will kill him if he finds out Julian knew the truth about Wiley. Julian says he knows the baby switch was Nelle's idea and there's nothing stopping him from doing something to her. Nelle says if she should die or disappear, her lawyer has the information. Julian stupidly agrees to marry her. 

Diane calls Alexis to tell her that Nelle married Julian. Julian asks if he'll need to speak, but Martin says he's trying to paint Sonny as the threat, so Julian's past will not help them.

Sonny gets a text from Carly and heads to the courthouse to confront Julian.