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Ex-Today Show Host Matt Lauer Slams Ronan Farrow's Reporting In Op-Ed

Former The Today Show co-host Matt Lauer is breaking his silence against Ronan Farrow's book, Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predator. In the book, Farrow spoke with former NBC News employee Brooke Nevils, who accused Lauer of sexually assaulting her. 

Nevils filed a complaint against Lauer, prompting him to be fired from NBC. Now Lauer is finally speaking out against the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and denies the allegations Nevils and accuses Farrow of having a bias against NBC. Lauer's claims come on the heels of a New York Times article accusing Farrow of not doing proper sourcing and not being thorough with fact-checking and vetting information.

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In an op-ed with Mediate, Lauer claims their are some discrepancies in the story told by Nevils to Farrow. Lauer stated,

I was shaken, but not surprised, that few in the media were willing to thoroughly challenge the accusations against me, or the person making them. The rush to judgment was swift. In fact, on the morning I was falsely accused of rape, and before I could even issue a statement, some journalists were already calling my accuser “brave” and “courageous.” While the presumption of innocence is only guaranteed in a court of law, I felt journalists should have, at the very least, recognized and considered it.

I was also disappointed, but not surprised, that Ronan Farrow’s overall reporting faced so little scrutiny. Until this week’s critical reporting by The New York Times, many in the media perceived his work as inherently beyond basic questioning. However, he was hardly an unbiased journalist when it came to anything to do with NBC, and he was rarely challenged as he dropped salacious stories in a daily marketing effort designed to create media attention for his book.

Mediate claims to have independently fact checked four of the witnesses Lauer spoke with, two of whom are Nevils' ex-boyfriends. Farrow fired back at Lauer via Twitter and stated,

 Read Lauer's op-ed here.