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Lynn Herring Calls the Nurses' Ball "a Tradition That Speaks to Your Heart"

Lynn Herring

Since General Hospital is set to re-air classic Nurses' Ball episodes, the hostess with the mostest, Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe), looks back at her favorite galas. She spoke to about celebrating life during COVID-19 and bringing awareness to causes through Port Charles' annual Nurses' Ball.

The day after production on GH shut down, Herring was set to get her costume fitted for the 2020 ball. She's bummed to miss it, but is keeping her head up. She said:

 Part of you are thinking it’s not very important when so many sad things are happening, but part of you owns your problems and thinks about how you love the camaraderie and you’re going to miss the Nurses’ Ball. It was a roller coaster of feelings with the gratitude that everyone was OK to the confusion of what the heck was going to happen.

Herring added:

I hope that people who have seen them before can look into the details and see what our crew puts on in such a fantastic time frame. I love that it’s about togetherness because right now, that’s all we’ve got. The only thing I wish is that we could do some sort of prelude and do a salute to the nurses and the healthcare workers.

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Celebrating the Nurses' Ball, which originally focused on raising awareness for the AIDS epidemic, is more important now than ever. She recalled:

In the old ones, we brought in the AIDS quilt. The feeling of respect and somberness when the quilt showed up in some of the original Nurses’ Balls is the same feeling. You have such hope for humanity, but you’re still aware of our fragility. I think there is that same feeling of hope and survival and maybe if we pull together, we can do some good.

Herring continued:

Sitting at the tables with the cast and the crew between takes, laughing and crying over some of the original AIDS storylines. In the present day, the joy in the first year we brought it back and starting that tradition again. It was overwhelming. It’s a tradition that speaks to your heart. There was also extreme fear because I was always in my underwear in the original ones. I didn’t sign up for this! It was so fun and ridiculous.

Herring went through some of her fave Nurses' Balls. One moment did not make the soap. She remembered a father-daughter dance between Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and Serena Baldwin (Carly Schroeder) that never saw the light of day:

Kin told me they pulled the number because he couldn’t get it right. I forgot about that. It was the one number they had to pull because he had to dance with her. He couldn’t stay with the music and he got so flustered. They laughed through the whole thing.