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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Has to Dig Deep to Help Mike's Journey on General Hospital

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Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Maurice Benard, Steve Burton, Max Gail

Sonny demands to know why Julian married Nelle, but Julian doesn't feel he needs to answer to Sonny. Sonny insists, so Julian says he misses having Wiley in his life. Sonny tells him to have the marriage annulled or he'll hold Julian responsible if Nelle gets custody. 

Nelle asks Nina if she's willing to testify on her behalf. Nina says she's busy with her own life and mentions searching for her child. Nelle then mentions her marriage to Julian. Nina is surprised, saying she didn't know they were in a relationship. Nina doesn't want Nelle getting hurt by Julian, but Nelle says she knows what's best for everyone. Nina understands this means Nelle is blackmailing Julian. Nelle says they made a deal and she's doing everything she can to be a mother. Nelle tries to appeal to Nina's maternal instincts, then Nina agrees to testify on Nelle's behalf. 

Franco calls Liz to apologize once again for the crack about not understanding being an artist. Liz mentions that she spoke with Nikolas about it and feels better.

Scotty shows up and Franco explains what happened. Scotty warns Franco that Liz and Nikolas go way back and she might turn to him. Franco claims he's not worried because Liz is in love with him. Scotty tells him to keep an eye on Nikolas as Ava will drive him toward Liz. 

Nikolas pays Mike a visit to show him photos of Spencer. Mike however, is half asleep most of the time. Liz eavesdrops and thanks Nikolas for the visit. Liz admits she sees how Nikolas is trying to be better. Nikolas brings up Ava and how she and Franco have gotten closer during their painting sessions. 

Michael is certain that marrying Julian will hurt Nelle's case. Diane feels Nelle was trying to level the playing field, but is confused as to why she would choose Julian. Martin arrives and claims Nelle's marriage is the exact same as Millow's. 

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Carly points out that Willow is willing to do anything to keep Wiley safe. Willow says Julian will be putting Wiley at risk and questions how Martin can represent Nelle. Carly is certain that Nelle has something on Julian. Martin maintains his original point.

Diane tells Martin that Millow will give Wiley a stable home. She mentions Julian holding a knife to Alexis and wonders what he'll do with a wife he doesn't care about. Martin mentions how Sonny is as much of a threat as Julian. Carly, stupidly, warns Martin not to bring up Sonny at trial or it will be his funeral. Martin doesn't take kindly to the threat. After he leaves, Diane warns Carly to keep her mouth shut. 

Nikolas runs into Franco at the gym. He mentions how things are going better with Liz. Franco agrees that Liz is a forgiving person and they have a solid marriage. Later, Franco heads over to see Liz to ask her about her relationship with Nikolas. 

Sonny runs into Nikolas at Turning Woods and reminds him he's supposed to divorce Ava to get back into Spencer's good graces. (At least this time they had Marcus look like he doesn't give a crap what the pissant misogynistic mobster wants.)

Jason asks Liz about Mike's condition. She explains to him that it seems as though Mike is ready to die and is only holding on for Sonny's sake. Liz says Sonny is only prolonging the inevitable, which will make Mike miserable. Liz says Sonny needs to give Mike permission to go. 

Sonny sits and talks to an almost comatose Mike, begging him to tell Sonny what he wants him to do. (Seriously show, it is not a good look to have Sonny yelling at Mike when it's clear Mike does not have the capacity to speak, much less make an informed decision.)

Sonny asks Jason about his conversation with Liz. Jason says Mike is ready to go and needs Sonny's permission.