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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Needs Advice About Spencer on General Hospital

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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

Sonny wonders what he's fighting for. Jason says he wouldn't want machines keeping him alive if it were him. Sonny admits he never discussed what Mike wanted and now it's too late. Jason says Mike never gave up on Sonny, so anything Sonny does will be what Mike wants. 

Nikolas tells Ava about running into Franco. She explains how Liz is not happy with Franco's past being brought up with the art show. Ava wants to know what Nikolas has decided regarding Spencer. Will he choose his son or money? Nikolas thinks Spencer wouldn't want to lose the money. Ava thinks all Spencer wants is his father. 

Lulu shows Laura her invitation to Nava's party and says she has no desire to attend. Laura however, says Nikolas is still her son and their family. Lulu worries that Nikolas has become a true Cassadine.

Nikolas arrives and asks for advice about Spencer. Laura wonders what's stopping Nikolas from doing as Spencer asks. Nikolas explains about losing the money in exchange for divorcing Ava. He believes Spencer will want the legacy. Laura believes Spencer just wants his father. 

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Franco doesn't understand Liz's change of heart about Nikolas. Liz says she sees changes and flashes of the old Nikolas. Liz brings up Ava and how she's only concerned with herself. Ava arrives and gives Franco a check for the portrait. Ava is certain the unveiling will be a huge success. Liz says it will just bring up reminders of Franco's past. 

Michael warns Willow that Martin will drag his family through the mud, but she's ready to go head to head. 

Carly takes the stand. Diane goes through what Nelle did to her, including lying to get Carly arrested for attempted murder. Martin's cross examination includes Carly's past, her shooting Tony, and ending up at Shadybrook. Diane asks if Carly has retaliated against Nelle, but Carly says she won't stoop to that level. 

Michael takes the stand and testifies how he felt a connection with Wiley before knowing he was his son. Martin brings up the timing of the Millow marriage and asks Michael if he loves Willow. Michael says she's loyal and generous, but admits he's not in love with her. Michael says marrying Willow will provide Wiley with a stable family. 

Willow takes the stand and testifies that she and Michael can give Wiley a real family. Martin brings up how Willow was terminated from the school because she was too involved with the kids. Diane counters it with Willow's current glowing employment records. 

Martin then calls Nelle to the stand.